Food Brands

Health food stores and supermarket chains

Online health related retailer selling food, cosmetics.

Nationwide health food chain st

Health food mega stores, carrying a large variety of vegan products.

Health food retailer.

Health food retailer in the new york area.

Nationwide food chain store with large selection of vegan products, including own brand.

Large retailer with many food products.

Membership Wholesale retailer, selling its in bulk packaging.

Large retailer carrying a large food selection.

Supermarket chain store.


Chocolate bars 70% + ranges, in many flavors.

Dark chocolate.

Selection of vegan chocolates.

Dark chocolate variety many interesting flavours.

Selection of vegan chocolates.

Dark chocolate cups and nut spreads.

Energy Snacks & Cookies

Fig bars and Snackimals cereal.

Banana based snack bites.

Chocolate cookies.

Protein Cookies.

Assortment of O's cookies and dried fruits.

Blueberry flavoured cookies.

Large selection of protein bars and cookies.

Plant based energy balls.

Variety of cookies.

Energy bars.

Variety of crackers.

Handcrafted Coconut Milk Caramel Sauce

Variety of protein bars.

Rice milk based chocolate bars.

Coconut bars and cookies in different flavours.

Protein bars in flavors: chocolate chip, peanut butter.

Chocolate energy bars in different flavors.

Ice Cream & Frozen

Non-dairy ice cream series.

Non-dairy ice cream series.

From freezer, to blender, to you in seconds.

Plant based milk/yogurt

Coconut and Cashew based milks and Coconut yogurt.

(Blue Diamond) Assortment of plant based milks.

Almond, soy and coconut drinks. Also coconut yogurt.

Large variety of plant based milk and yogurt.

Soy, Hemp and oat based milks.

Tigernut milk and horchata beverages.

Macadamia nut milk.

Pea milk in different flavors.

Variety of vegan milk and yogurt: rice, soy, almond, coconut, cashew.

(Hudson river food) Different types of hemp milk and yogurt.

Flax based milks and yogurt.

Soy milk variety.

Plant based yogurt in flavors.

Soy based whipped cream.

Vegan cheese

Wide variety of vegan cheeses.

Variety of vegan cheeses.

Assortment of vegan cheeses.

Variety of nut based cheeses.

(Field Roast) Assortment of vegan cheeses.

Assortment of vegan cheeses.

Vegan cheese spreads.

Variety of vegan cheeses.

Assortment of vegan cheeses.

(Sister River Foods) vegan parmesan.

Wide variety of cheeses and spreads.

Vegan cheeses, yogurt and spreads in flavors.

Wide variety of aged culture nut cheeses.

Raw nut cheeses, cream cheese and aged cheeses.

Variety of vegan cheeses.

Vegan butter spreads.

Common salty snacks

Potato chips in many flavors.

Salty puffed snacks in a variety of flavours.

Cheddar flavor puffs and squares.

Pita chips, Pita thins, Bagel chips

(Christie) Wheat based crackers.

Whole grain wheat crackers

(Enlightened) Bean chips: Sweet sriracha, garlic & onion, BBQ, wasabi and sea salt flavours.

Whole grain chips in many flavors.

Whole grain crackers.

Variety of potato chips with multiple flavors.

Variety of crackers and trail mix (except cheddar flavor).

Selection of potato chips.

Chickpea and green bean puffs.

Cassava root chips: cheddar, lime, vinegar, seeds, beets and more.

Salty snack mix, original flavor.

Variety of high protein snacks.

Assortment of snack mixes and banana chips.

Assortment of bean based chips.

Seaweed snacks in different flavors.

Gluten free pretzel sticks and pretzel twists

Kale chips and coconut chips.

Vegetable puffs

Kale and beet chips: original, kool ranch, zesty nacho and garlic onion.

Green pea snack: salted, mango chili lime, habanero, black pepper, tomato basil flavours.