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Looking for funding for a new film : Do No Harm

As a vegan Hindu mindfulness teacher, I became aware of contradictions within the mindfulness, Hindu and Buddhist communities on the primary precept of "Do No Harm" and its prevalence in the dairy industry. My documentary journey revealed unspeakable evil. Once you see the harm, you can’t unsee it.

Vegan Kitchen

100% Vegan Kitchen, Bar & Market. Organic, Non GMO, Compassionate & Earth Friendly Comfort Food.


A Durango plant based restaurant with a farm fresh inspired menu, Basecamp is a place where you can begin or complete an adventure. Whether heading out for a hike, enjoying a round of golf or a day on the river, swing by for fresh eats or grab provisions from the market for your journey. After a long day enjoy magic hour and a nourishing meal on our serene treetop deck.

The market offers 100% vegan items focusing on an organic, natural and non-gmo selection. Many items are sourced local along with a variety of regional provisions including grocery and snacks, beer, wine, spirits, beautiful handcrafted gifts, and more!

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Animal Sanctuaries

The Wild Animal Sanctuary currently operates two sites within Colorado totaling more than  Ten Thousand Acres!  We rescue animals from horrific captive situations and rehabilitate them so they can live and roam freely within large natural habitats with others of their own kind.


Our mission is to protect animals through public policy and to support candidates who are committed to animal protection.

Animal Activism

Want to help end factory farming? 🐥

Connect For Animals (CFA) is a platform for people who want to create a better world for animals, starting by ending factory farming.

Find events, groups, and like-minded people—and learn how to be more effective at advocating for animals.

There are currently 18 recognized species of penguins in the world and, sadly, 10 of these species are listed by IUCN Redlist as Threatened, meaning they are either Vulnerable or Endangered of becoming extinct. Our conservation efforts focus not only on protecting these threatened species of penguins, but also preserving all the penguins that are not in the threatened conservation categories.

Penguin conservation is a challenging task that involves not only traveling to far-off remote parts of the earth to reach many of these penguin species, but also involves hard work promoting governmental policy changes and educating the general public that can help protect these penguins. Our current and proposed projects below are just the beginning on what we have planned for the future, with many more to come based on funding and political climate.