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Helping conscious consumers with beauty and nutrition that is better for people, animals and the planet.

I first started off as just a soap and cosmetic line, then shortly evolved into a plant based business that wants the foundation of the brand to benefit us as a people and the planet. I am looking to not only offer people with a plant based lifestyle, I want to offer them better hydration as well. My products is chemical free.

My vision for Jumped is to make being healthy cool. Your body is your temple. What you put in it reflects you physically and mentally. I started a plant based mobile food truck/bus called Bussin. This has been a dream of mine. It is still developing but it is happening.


A Gourmet Vegan Brand # Try our signature Raw Plant Based cheesecakes today!


I am Natanyah Young, creator and founder of TEEV-O-NEE. I am passionate about plant-based vegan cuisine, especially desserts. I was raised in Dimona, Israel where I studied under many plant-based vegan chefs while perfecting my craft. This deepened my commitment for creating healthy, delicious and eco-friendly desserts. Food is art, and plant-based vegan cuisine is an expression of that art, particularly desserts.


CEO of New Earth Beauty, Inc. with brands Ecco Bella, Boon Broth and NutraChic Beauty Drink