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The Asheville Vegan Society mission is to promote the benefits of a vegan lifestyle through varied activities and community engagement. We are more than a social group, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to increasing awareness and providing education and support for those wherever they are on their vegan journey.

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A lifestyle and entertainment TV channel with shows promoting the plant-based lifestyle around the world.



🎙 Podcast Hosts 🍎Personal Trainers

Meet your hosts : Ashley & Yuri Barber 🌱 Vegan

🫐Nutrition Experts. ??Wellness advocates

🍑Weight Loss Coaches

📌 Mooresville

Plant Based Doc | Education

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. Plant based nutrition expert. Public speaker. Hospitalist

Holistic Internal Medicine Physician | Faith based

I help women transition to a healthy plant based diet with confidence

📌 Raleigh


A Podcast Like No Other

Irreverent, unafraid, and always funny, the RMEP Podcast destroys the stereotype that “You need to eat meat to be a man,” one show at a time.

This podcast is for people who live a plant-based lifestyle, those who are considering it, and for anyone that wants to be entertained. RMEP brings a daily mix of sports, pop culture, humor, and high-profile guests.


I am a plant based person, but that is only part of who I am.

Join me as we try to navigate this shit show called life together!…….:)


Bonfilio is our name, graphic design is our game.

It’s what we do best. Bonfilio Design is a boutique design agency that has been providing strategy and creative services for established and entrepreneurial brands, businesses, and non-profits since 1998. Merging an expertise in graphic design, problem solving and strategic marketing with a long-term sustainable approach, we create impactful visual communications that inspire people to engage.

Bonfilio Design launched and operated from a small studio in the heart of NYC’s Union Square district, designing logos and promotional materials for various small to mid-sized companies. The studio went on to create the NYC 2000 logo for the City of New York, and branded the Millennium Celebrations that occurred throughout the year – including the famed New Year’s Celebration in Times Square. In 2002 we moved to midtown as we expanded our services to include packaging and digital design, drawing in clients from a variety of industries. Since then our work has adorned products and promotional materials for many well-known brands and organizations. As technology developed, the need for a brick and mortar office in NYC diminished, and in 2011 we became a completely remote agency, enabling us to pass our overhead savings on to our clients.

VeganLinked is a directory on the front but in the background supports pro media coverage free of charge to all vegan entities & events within reach!