USA Mid-West



Our Vision

Thriving animal rights communities across the Midwest that build a just world where all animals, both human and more-than-human, can live safe, happy, and free from the genuine tyranny of factory farms, slaughterhouses, and other animal-abusing facilities.

Our Mission

We exist, first and foremost, for the animals with a relentless focus on their rights, lives, and well-being. We embrace nonviolent community organizing as a guiding principle, organizing social, educational, and outreach events at an increasingly ferocious pace. We strive to save as many lives, reduce as much suffering, and do as much good as possible by addressing the leading cause of easily preventable more-than-human animal suffering, vast swathes of human animal suffering, and immense oceans of environmental devastation: modern animal agriculture. Guided by these core values, we are unstoppable.

Our Top Seven Strategic Goals

  • Increase the number of vegans across the Midwest

  • Create, mobilize, and help activists network across the Midwest

  • Build thriving animal rights communities in every major metropolitan area across the Midwest

  • Champion intersectionality within the animal rights movement and beyond

  • Address the rapidly worsening climate and ecological emergency facing all life on Earth

  • Inspire large-scale generosity to combat the trillion-dollar animal abuse industry

  • Transform institutions through successful pressure campaigns

Our Core Values

We are compassionate: We behave compassionately not only toward more-than-human animals, but also toward human animal victims of other injustices, from sexism and racism to homophobia and ableism. Justice, love, respect, and compassion for all mandates we treat each respectfully, fairly, and compassionately. We will compassionately bear witness to the suffering of others, sharing their stories with the same heartfelt compassion.

We are animal-focused: We prioritize the rights, lives, and well-being of all animals. Their suffering, pain, and oppression takes center stage in our organization, and we will always pursue whichever course of action helps the greatest number of animals to the greatest extent possible. This way, we will achieve animal liberation by 2056!

We are innovative: We constantly seek opportunities to improve and create forward-thinking solutions. We are not complacent, we do not accept the status quo, and we are future-focused. When we change, we do not just follow what others are doing; we try to do better. Continuous self-improvement is our motto and creed.