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VegMichigan works to promote the health, ethical, and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. They organise the VegFest, SummerFest, presentation, cooking classes, dinner clubs and much more...

As a Plant-Based Chef and your personal Health Coach, I am here to guide, mentor & empower you to go from where you are today, to where YOU want to be - through healthy lifestyle choices.

No matter where you are on your journey, let's get started today to get you feeling like the BEST version of yourself! Whether you classify yourself as an omnivore, flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, ketotarian or carnivore - I believe we can ALL benefit from increasing real, nutrient dense foods and decreasing processed foods as much as possible. Food is supposed to make us feel good and energized. If this isn't the case for you, let's talk... I can help!

Green Olive Soaps PETA-Certified Vegan & Organic Handmade Soaps, Body Butters, Bath Salts, Body Scrubs, & Bubble Bars

Hungry Harvest Farm to Doorstep Produce Delivery Service

The Age of Asparagus Eco Arts, Crafts and Home Goods Made of Natural and Recycled Materials

Journey to Health Trigger Point Massage Therapy, Information on Community Yoga Classes and Health and Wellness Events

Face Flair Face Painting and Henna Tattooing

Vegan Kalamazoo provides a supportive social and learning environment for those within the greater Kalamazoo area who are following, or interested in learning more about, veganism and/or plant-based diets. We seek to promote veganism by offering inclusive events and becoming a recognizable presence in the community.


Barn Sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected farmed animals by creating a safe haven where these individuals can recover, thrive, and serve as an example for why we strive to lead society towards a plant-based lifestyle.

📌 Chelsea, Michigan

Mobilizing Empathy For All Species

And The World We Share.

📌 Ann Arbor, Michigan

Vision: A kinder world where all animals’ lives matter

Mission: Lead the no-kill movement by rescuing, rehabilitating, re-homing and providing a place of refuge for homeless dogs, while also providing a haven for the pets belonging to domestic violence survivors.

🌿The Midwest's largest farm animal sanctuary, providing safe haven for over 200 rescued animals

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Rebecca runs "Veggies Abroad" a vegan travel blog specializing in travel guides, practical travel tips and resources, as well as vegan lifestyle content. Check out all our resources to help plan your next vegan filled adventure.

It’s my goal to cultivate meaningful connections so that together we can inspire a kinder and more ethical world.

Founder, President -Magic Marble Foundation- Mobilizing Empathy For All Species And The World We Share - #Vegan #Plantbased #Sustainability #AnimalWelfare #AnimalRescue #Environment

📌 Ann Arbor, Michigan



Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes and Midwestern regions of the United States. The state's name, Michigan, originates from the Ojibwe word mishigamaa, meaning "large water" or "large lake".