Challenging the legal thinghood of autonomous nonhuman animals

The only organization in the US dedicated solely to securing rights for nonhuman animals. #FreeHappy #FreeMinnie #RumbleForRights


Kids face so many everyday challenges. They deal with bullying and low self- esteem, in addition to witnessing the inhumane treatment of animals. Happy Kids-Happy Pets created story cards to teach and enhance the character of children and to educate them on caring for a dog or cat.

Our Mission is to see a world where children experience peace, kindness, integrity, forgiveness and compassion for themselves and others; where children and animals grow up happy and safe – that’s what Happy Kids-Happy Pets is all about.

We have 2 FUN educational APPS, waiting just for your child!   New project is  Caring for all Beings


Little Bear Sanctuary’s mission is to provide much-needed healthy, compassionate permanent housing to abandoned, abused and/or neglected farm animals. We are a true sanctuary, our animals are never kept in pens or cages and are allowed to roam free in their natural environment. 

We educate the public about pigs as pets and the myth of the “mini pig.”

🏠| Home to over 300 rescued animals 🐷

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary is located in Melrose, FL. Rooterville provides a safe and compassionate refuge to rescued farm animals. These precious farm animals are just like us in that everyone is an individual who deserves to be loved.  We provide them all with a healthy diet and comfy home filled with love and good care. Our residents, which we kindly refer to as ambassadors, are the lucky ones who have come here from all sorts of situations but primarily as the result of abuse, abandonment, and neglect.  They include pot-bellied pigs, farm pigs, cows, goats, turkeys, mini-horses, horses, chickens and a few dogs and cats.  (Ginger and Gracie the Chiweenie sisters are the BOSSES of Rooterville and steal the show from the pigs!) Rooterville Animal Sanctuary currently provides a beautiful home to hundreds of rescued animals.

Rooterville was founded by Elaine West in 2004 to care for the many unwanted, abandoned, and abused pot-bellied pigs in need of a safe and loving home. Unfortunately, most animal control agencies or Humane Societies will not take in unwanted pet pigs, so many of these former pets end up meeting a gruesome fate simply because no one is there to help. Since our humble beginnings, Rooterville Animal Sanctuary has grown from 5 to over 20-acres and provides rescue, care, and a permanent home for hundreds of rescued farm animals of all types.


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