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Join us for delicious meals, share your favorite recipes, discuss living a healthy and compassionate lifestyle, support the green movement, conscious living, and make new friends! We regularly meet in the city and suburbs for dining, picnics, lectures, movies, visiting local expos, and other events.

The Vegan Museum opened on February 1, 2017; the first museum of its kind in the world. It has been displayed in over 30 institutions across Chicago, moving to a different venue every 2-3 months, to stay accessible and attract new visitors. The Vegan Museum has hosted 44 events, 26 speakers, 8 food demos, 7 documentaries, 2 story map presentations, and 1 children’s book reading!

The exhibit consists of 12 large panels, which guide the viewer through (vegan!) bite-sized pieces of information about vegan history, across time and culture. Walk-throughs and events are free to attend, yet we greatly appreciate any donations to TVM. Our mission is to continually discover and share this amazing, ongoing historical movement.

Founded to provide information and support to people interested in a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and to introduce them to a wide array of delicious foods. Our all-volunteer organization holds monthly meetings from September to June; each meeting begins with a potluck supper that is followed by an educational program. Members receive a copy of VIM News, the monthly newsletter that is a rich source of up-to-date information. It includes recipes, book reviews, and a calendar of upcoming events. Special events include presentations by nationally-known speakers.

People join VIM for important reasons – concern for their health, the animals, world hunger, and the environment.


Marketing, Design and Communications for Conscious Businesses and Organizations

Vegan Street Media is a creative agency committed to bringing the most effective, professional and inspiring communications to vegan businesses, services, product lines and non-profits. Combining our years of expertise in graphic and written communications with our many years of community- and culture-building, we serve clients seeking logos, packaging, campaigns, promotions, branding, identity, written communications, social media, web development and consulting in for-profit and non-profit sectors. Our clients represent a wide range of goods, services and advocacy, from new businesses and charities to established ones, not only in the vegan world, but also groups and businesses promoting solutions to environmental and social justice problems.


Creating tasty, vegan snacks that are great for people and the planet.

Raw, vegan, nutrient-dense, GF, no refined sugar. 🥰😎💋

🌈Sweet & savory vegan Waffle & Pancake mix 👨‍🍳 made from gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based ingredients that satisfy body + mind

Easy Home Baking With Super Food Ingredients

Want to know a secret? The boldest flavors come from the right combination of natural, unrefined ingredients, not from artificial junk.

Purple Sprout is a Chicago-based vegan food manufacturer and a holistic coach. Manufacturer of revolutionary Raw Fucus Seaweed Bio-Jelly, a functional nutrition product with magnificent health benefits. Our goal is to provide you with ready-to-eat healthy, delicious, nutrients-rich and sustainable plant-based food. We offer holistic wellness consultations that help a wide range of health concerns, healthy living coaching, detox and fasting programs, and so much more. We help you unlock your body’s innate healing potential. Our consultations are the gift of knowledge that empowers you to be in control of your health and wellbeing.

🌱Everyday Vegan Recipes. ??‍♂️Nutritional Consulting. 🛍Healthy Living Shop. 🍉 Holistic Education. 🦋 Detox Programs


A 100% plant based restaurant that celebrates the flavors and beauty of vegan cuisine.

We are citizens of the world, who proudly celebrate the flavors, beauty, and diversity of vegan cuisine from all over. The vibe we put out to the world is rooted in love. Love for Mother Earth, love for animals, and love for humankind. You’ll feel the same love in every bite when you visit our vegan restaurant.

Delicious Vegetarian menu with authentic Mexican Flavor!!! 😍🇲🇽 all soy meats are prepared in-house.


Dedicated to helping build a nonviolent mass movement for all species liberation. We do this through a variety of strategies, including:

  • publishing digital content for public education and outreach,

  • building bridges with other groups and movements,

  • building a strong grassroots activist community,

  • rescuing animals from exploitative industries and broadcasting their stories.

Our public education and outreach focuses primarily on publishing quality content on our website and syndicating that content through our expansive social media reach. We attract over one million unique website visitors every year and average about 800,000 impressions each month on Facebook. Most importantly, our content provides our members and followers with frequent and meaningful ways to take action on important issues.

Free from Harm participates in a wide variety of vegan festivals, conferences and activism events related to climate justice, sustainability, health and wellness, intersectionality, and animal ethics. Our community outreach serves three important goals:

  • to grow and empower our local activist community,

  • to build public support,

  • to organize frontline actions that capture the attention of the media and the public and apply pressure on targeted decisionmakers who have the power to meet our demands.

In the city that once promoted itself as the slaughter capital of the world, we recognize that the work we do here can have important repercussions elsewhere, and we are eager to share ideas and resources with other activist communities nationwide.

Our rescue and rehabilitation work is focused specifically on rescuing, treating and finding suitable homes for abandoned or escaped domestic birds in the Chicago area. Most of our rescues are chickens who have escaped local slaughterhouses or “backyard chickens” who have been abandoned by their owners. Other domestic species we have rescued include ducks, guinea fowl, quail and pigeons. In addition, we have assisted in rescuing orphaned chicks from school chick hatching projects and providing alternatives for chick hatching programs. Each of our rescues has a unique survival story that we broadcast to the world.

La Colina Linda (LCL) Farm sits atop one of the many lovely hills in the Shawnee National Forest and is five minutes away from Giant City State Park. We started developing the farm in 2012 by creating vegetable beds and the beginnings of a food forest.

Meet Our Team

Ambitious, assertive, and highly energetic individual with an extensive background in sales, promotions, health, nutrition, and fitness.

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